Pray Fox Valley leadership team is a small group of culturally diverse women and men, regional pastors and key ministry leaders who are committed to see the Church come together in unity to pray. 


Pray Fox Valley is a Christ-centered movement of the Church in the Fox Valley coming together to pray for the Fox Valley region.


Pray Fox Valley encourages the Church in the Fox Valley region to come together and pray for its city and fellow church neighbors. We gather together to meet and build relationship to pray and plan a prayer gathering of churches in a city. Pray Fox Valley and the Host Church collaborate together in planning the prayer gathering. Once the prayer gathering event is over we encourage those churches that were involved to continue to build relationships with one another as Pray Fox Valley moves on to the next call. 


Pray Fox Valley is committed to praying and encouraging a culture of diversity, denominational, and generational unity. Since May of 2015, when God called Pray Fox Valley into existence we have partnered with 25 churches and Christian organizations that have been a part of doing a Pray Fox Valley gathering. By 2020 we are committed to seeing 100 churches and ministry organizations coming together for prayer in the region of the Fox Valley, where relationships have been established and churches are praying together for its cities and region in the valley. We will do this through the following objectives:

  • Time: Spent building relationships with pastors and the Church. Encouraging pastors to step out and connect with other pastors. 

  • Using resources: To help connect churches that sit two blocks away and yet they have never connected. Next steps of continuing to build relationships after a prayer gathering has been done.

  • Action: We’ll take action to pray and seek the Lord’s face in hope to encourage the church to lead the way locally and nationally in prayer. The Church has been called to lead the way.